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Charles Burton

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Public Speeches


July 14, 2018 “加 拿 大 的 国 家治理结构及特点” (The Structure and Characteristics of Canada’s National Governance”) at Dongyi Shuyuan, Linyi, Shandong


December 2, 2017 “Is China a threat to Canada - and the World?” to POGG Canada Public Affairs Fellowship in Ottawa


September 13, 2017, “Is China Canada’s New Third Opinion?” to the St Catharines Torch Club


May 24, 2017, “Canada’s International Policy” Plenary Address to the Niagara Model UN Conference at the District School Board of Niagara HQ, St Catharines


April 4, 2017, “Canada's Great Power Alliances and Canadian Values” to the Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen at St George’s Anglican Church, St Catharines


March 16, 2017,  "What’s Next for the United States, Canada and the World?" to the Rotary Club at the St Catharines Golf and Country Club



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