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Charles Burton

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Op Eds 2010

My Op-Ed "North Korea can always count on China" was published in the Toronto Star on November 28, 2010:  It also appeared in the Vancouver Sun on November 30 under the title "China will steadfastly support North Korea":  It can also be found at and in the Calgary Herald

My Op-Ed "The Dalai Lama's Elusive Dream" was published in The Toronto Star on October 22, 2010:  It was published in the Montreal Gazette under the title "China seeks to silence the Dalai Lama's moderate voice" on October 22:

My Op-Ed “The China-Korea Puzzle” was published in The Globe and Mail on September 3, 2010, p. A15:  There is more discussion this op-ed at,  This article is quoted in the National Endowment for Democracy publication Democracy Digest under the title "China can stop North Korea's dynasty?"


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