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Charles Burton

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Video Clips 2016
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My interview with Merella Ferandez on the Chinese Foreign Minister’s outburst in an Ottawa press conference was broadcast on CTV News Channel on June 3, 2016:


My interview with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang on China’s Public Diplomacy was broadcast on WABC New York and 135 other stations in the United States on June 1:


An interview with me is included in Yang Jie’s report on the official visit of Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi to Canada broadcast on OMNI-TV Mandarin News on May 31, 2016:


Interviewed by Todd van der Heyden on CTV News Channel about Chinese leadership holdings in British Virgin Islands revealed in Panama Papers on April 6, 2016

Interview with me about Canada-China relations broadcast on Chinese CCCTV on March 10, 2016: (also on Youku:


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