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Charles Burton

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Audio Clips 2015
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My interview (in Mandarin) about the situation of Kevin and Julia Garratt was broadcast on Radio Canada International on February 6, 2015: BF%90%E5%A0%AA%E5%BF%A7%EF%BC%8C%E5%A4%96%E9%95%BF%E8%BE%9E%E8%81%8C%E6%88%96%E4%B8 %8E%E6%AD%A4%E6%9C%89%E5%85%B3%EF%BC%9A%E9%87%87%E8%AE%BF/

My interview on the ongoing purge in China with Gordon Chang and John Batchelor on the John Batchelor Show on WABC New York and syndicated throughout the USA was broadcast on January 28, 2015:

Charming radio documentary by CBC reporter Kim Trynacity with a few comments by me at the end January 19, 2015:

My discussion with John Batchelor and Gordon Chang on the crackdown on liberal discourse in China was broadcast on WABC New York's John Batchelor Show (carried by affiliates throughout the US) on January 7, 2015:








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