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Charles Burton

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Geoffrey Johnson published my views in a two-part report in the Kingston Whig-Standard “Faith communities persecuted in China” published on December 5, 2013: and “Canada should press China on human rights” published on December 12, 2014:


My views are quoted in Nicholas Köhler’s article “Bombardier’s secret weapon in China: The man behind one of the most successful foreign companies in China wanted to be a Canadian professor” published in Macleans Magazine on November 20, 2013:


My views are quoted in Lee Berthiaume’s report “Canada's panda-monium comes at a price, Oxford researchers say” published in Postmedia papers on November 21, 2013: 2/story.html etc.


My views are quoted in Jason Fekete’s report “Its Been Two Years and Harper Still Hasn’t Had a Bilateral Meeting with China’s President.  Is There a Deeper Issue? published in The National Post and in other Postmedia papers on November 13, 2013: and  etc.






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