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Charles Burton

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Op Eds 2012 Page 2

My op ed "The party will write the narrative for Ms. Gu – and for Nexen" was published in the Globe and Mail on August 6, 2012:

My op-ed "Sunk by corruption, even in China" was published in the Globe and Mail on April 20, 2012:

My Op-Ed “Harper in China: Juggling oil sales and core principles” was published in the Toronto Star February 5, 2012:  Also as "Burton: The perils of embracing trade with China" published in the Calgary Herald February 8, 2012:

My Op-Ed comparing the presidencies of Kim Jong-il and Vaclav Havel was published in the Ottawa Citizen under the title "North Korea could have used a Havel" on December 22, 2011 and in theVancouver Sun as "A  study in presidential contrasts" and on Gazette:, etc.  It was also published in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald on January 4, 2012 as "A tale of two presidents taking countries down opposite paths":  It was published as "A tale of two vastly different presidents" in the Hamilton Spectator on January 6, 2012:


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