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Charles Burton

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An interview with me is quoted in Mark MacKinnon's report "China uses newfound clout to lash out at Nobel's choice of Liu" published in the Globe and Mail December 10, 2010:

I am quoted in Linda Du's report "China's New Ambassador to Canada Presents Credentials: Scholar Believes Zhang Yunsai Can Help Canada and China Come to Understandings and Find Common Ground" published in the Ming Pao on November 24, 2010:

My article “The Life, Times and Art of Mr. Zhang Dichen” can be read at:  The Chinese version of this can be read at:

An interview with me published as "Setting Up Confucius Institutes Abroad Highlights the Strengthening of Chinese Soft Power" appeared in the Singtao Daily News on July 8, 2010:

An interview with me is quoted in Adrian Morrow's report "Dalai Lama to visit Canada this fall" published in The Globe and Mail on July 7, 2010, p. A2:

My views are quoted in this article in the Globe and Mail: "Chinese president's visit a hopeful sign for strained Canadian relationship" June 25, 2010:

A long interview with me (including photo) entitled "China and the U.S. Will Be the Main Players at the Toronto Summit" was published in the Shanghai Morning Post on June 23:  An English translation of this interview can be read at:

I am quoted in Carl Meyer's report "Canada-China: Hu visit caps a triumphant rise in relations" which was published in Embassy on June 23, 2010:

"Hoping Canada and China Will Become More Trusting of Each Other and that the ADS will Be Signed and Trade Imbalance Reduced" that is about my views on Canada-China relations appeared in the Toronto Ming Pao on June 22: It is also available at   An English translation of this interview can be read at:

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