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Charles Burton

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Media Interviews 2003

Click here for an interview with me appeared in the Canadian edition of the Singtao Daily News on March 16, 2004 (jpg image of news clipping in traditional Chinese characters).  The article is by Rosita Wong and entitled "Jia zhuanjia kan tai daxuan cu lianganheping tongyi" (Canadian expert sees the Taiwan election as promoting cross straits peaceful reunification), p. A4. 

Click here for my Keynote Address to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank Conference on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea "DPRK: Axis of Evil or Nexus of Need" on October 20, 2003 entitled “Solving the DPRK Conundrum?  The full text can also be found at (Issue #139, October 24, 2003).

here for interview with me on Chinese Army peacekeeping training in Canada published in the Chinese (Mainland) newspaper The International Herald Leader It is also available at  Both versions are in Guobiao encoding of the simplified Chinese characters.

here for Geoff York’s story "Chinese leader on the brink" which includes an interview with me published in the Globe and  Mail on May 3, 2003, pages A1 and A7.


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