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Charles Burton

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My views on the changing situtation in North Korea were reported in Erica Bajers' report "Dictator's death met with concern in Niagara" published in the Niagara Falls Review on December 19, 2011:  It was published as “What’s next for North Korea?” in the St. Catharines Standard on December 20, 2011, A1 and A7.

My views are quoted in Peter Worthington's column "Feds willing to expand CSIS mandate" published in the Toronto Sun on November 13, 2011:

My report on Canada-China Relations published by the Canadian International Council was referenced in John Ivison's report "Harper may let Canada's spy service conduct foreign espionage" The National Post, November 7, 2011, pp. A1, A5:

My Op-Ed "China's hit-and-run morality" published in The Globe and Mail was discussed in Mira Sucharov's article "The fine line between bigotry and fair cultural critique" published in the Israeli news site Haaretz on November 6, 2011: also published in Huffington Post

OMNI-TV Cantonese News and Mandarin News programs included an interview with me about the paper I gave at the University of Toronto on October 18 entitled "Implications for the Government of Canada of Closer Economic Engagement with the PRC". The paper was also reported in the Chinese language World Daily News (Toronto Edition) on October 19, p. A11:,MMV3f+xDb0CKYCyOu+WesQ== and in Jianada Jiayuanthe same day:

My views on the Foshan Market Incident were quoted in the Globe and Mail editorial "In Foshan, China, a street without a heart" on October 18:  

Interview with me included in Andrea Janus’s report, “Are Dechert E-mails Evidence of Chinese Espionage?”

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