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Charles Burton

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Media Interviews 2008 Page 1

An interview with me (in Chinese) on Barack Obama's China Policy was aired on the Fairchild TV program "Media Focus" on December 26, 2008.

An interview with me was Cogeco TV's "Taking Niagara By Storm" on November 6, 2008.

I am quoted in Lee Berthiaume's report "Pros and Cons of Trade Minister Day" published in Embassy: Canada's Foreign Policy Newsletter on November 6, 2008.  It can be read here.

I am quoted in Michelle Collins's report "Fingers Crossed Tories will Learn from Emerson on China" published in Embassy: Canada's Foreign Policy Newsletter on October 29 2008.  It can be read here.

My letter that the Globe and Mail entitled "On the Road to Civility" was published on October 7.  It can be read here .

I am quoted in Globe and Mail story by Brian Laghi and Steven Chase entitled "Harper commits to China visit" September 24 p. A12.  It can be read here .

I was also quoted in Sing Tao Daily News on the same topic on September 17.

I was interviewed about the Harper visit on OMNI TV "Mandarin Weekend" broadcast September 20.

Click here for Geoff York’s report "Chinese fugitive's deportation hailed as landmark move" published in the Globe and Mail September 4, 2008, p. A16 that includes comments by me.  It was picked up by the PRC Reference News.  That version can be read here.

Click here for my question and Cheuk Kwan’s answer on Chinese nationalism published on the Globe and Mail website on August 18, 2008.

A posting that I wrote entitled "Are Human Rights Incompatible with Chinese Culture?" can be found on the "Olympic Journal" blog published by Rights & Democracy (August 18, 2008).


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