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Charles Burton

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Media Interviews 2007 Page 1

Click here for Mary Yang’s report I the Singtao Daily News entitled “Yi baofu jiedai Dalai hua quxiao jia zhong zhanlue xiaozu huiyi” (Possibly in retaliation for receiving Dalai Lama China Cancels Meeting of the Canada-China Strategic Working Group) published on November 20, 2007 which quotes my views.

Click here for an open letter to the Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development signed by Amnesty International and 10 other NGOs that mentions my name and urges release of the Sub-Committee on Human Rights and International Development’s China Study Report dated November 15, 2007.  Click here for Geoff York’s article about this letter “Human-rights dialogue with China hurt by MPs” published in the Globe and Mail on November 24, 2007.

Click here for my letter entitled "Mulroney's $300,000" that was published in the National Post November 13, on p. A21.

Click here for my letter entitled “China’s Soft’ Diplomacy” published in the Globe and Mail on November 7, 2007, p. A20

Click here for a letter by Albert Roman published in the Pasadena Star News on October 10, 2007 that makes reference to my work on human rights dialogue with China.

Click here for Mary Yang’s report in the Singtao Daily entitled “Wotaihua yu jie aoyun cu beijing gaishan renquan” (Ottawa hoped to use the Olympics to encourage Beijing to improve human rights) which quotes my views on documents the SingtaoDaily obtained from DFAIT through an Access to Information request and here for another report by Ms. Yang also based on documents the Singtao Daily obtained from DFAIT through an Access to Information request which also quotes my views.alsopublished the same day, September 7, 2007 which can be found in a translation here entitled “Chinese Department Downgraded, Canada China Human Rights Dialogue Takes an Unexpected Turn”

Click here for my letter to the National Post entitled by the newspaper "Just say no to 'Made in China'" published August 24, 2007.

Click here for Brian Laghi's report "Canada backs Taiwan's push for role in WHO:  Move will annoy China, experts predict" published in the Globe and Mail on August 8, 2007, page A4 which quotes my views on this matter.

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