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Charles Burton

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Links relating to Charles Burton's DFAIT report Assessment of the Canada-China Bilateral Human Rights Dialogue and related Parliamentary Committee Hearings  Page 2

Click here for Canadian Coalition on Human Rights in China letter to Prime Minister Harper of October 6, 2006 which urges the Government to implement my report on the Canada-China Bilateral Human Rights Dialogue

Click here for CBC Radio "World at 6" report on Canada's China policy broadcast on October 16, 2006 that includes an interview with me.

Click here for a report in the Sing Tao Daily News about my appearance before the Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the House of Commons Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development on October 31, 2006. I presented the report I wrote for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade entitled "Assessment of the Canada-China Bilateral Human Rights Dialogue" and responded to questions from MPs about human rights programming in Canada's relations with China over a two-hour session held in the West Block of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa.  Representatives of Amnesty International and Rights and Democracy also urged the Subcommittee to support implementation of the "Burton Report."

Click here for Geoff York's report that quotes my views entitled “Minister criticizes China's human rights record" published in the Globe and Mail on-line edition on November 15, 2006.

The Epoch Times mentioned my work in an article published October 12, 2006 entitled "Canada Changing its Tone Toward Chinese Regime".  It is available on-line at this URL:


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